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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Introducing Heather from Bella's Pink Bows!

Heather is a brand new seller on Etsy with a lovely new shop.  She specializes in beautiful and stylish baby fashion.  Her baby girl bows and headbands are absolutely adorable.  Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Heather so we could all get to know her more.  Here she is everyone!  Drum roll please....Here's Heather from Bella's Pink Bows!

What is the name of your Etsy shop and link? BellasPinkBows

How long have you been crafting and creating?  Since I was little. I have always loved to create pretty things..at least pretty in my eyes  :)

Who or what had the greatest influence on you as you developed your creative ability? Not sure if it was anyone in particular. Just have always loved creating.

How would you characterize your work? I guess it's useable. It's not anything that is wild or crazy..more useful and hopefully will be something you like to look at .

Describe your workshop/studio for us:  right now it is just getting started, but it's just some simple bows for your baby girl.

What’s the hardest part of being a crafter? Thinking up new ideas, that have not already been done.

What’s next in your designing career? Making more bows...if others will wear them :)

How many hours a day do you create? Only a couple hours a week right now...the new baby and rest of the family own the remaining hours :)

How does creating these beautiful baby bows make you feel? Good. I love to see my baby girl in them...now I just want to share them.

What are your goals for your shop? To grow so I can keep being creative, while making a product others like as well.

What has your experience as a new shop been like on Etsy? Good, so far. Slow, but I just started...hoping it will pick up. It's hard to get seen with so many that are already established on Etsy.

What has been your most exciting moment here on Etsy so far? Putting up my first picture.... the next will be when I actually sell a bow :)

How have you handled the business side of designing baby fashion? Right now, just trying not to produce too many, until I know what people like and want for their baby.

Where else on the internet can we find your work besides etsy? Ebay and etsy.

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