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I enjoy arts and crafts and dabble in just about anything. I've been doing so since childhood. My Etsy shop consists mainly of decoupage light switch and outlet covers. I also paint (mainly with acrylics), do mosaics, and draw with charcoal and other mediums.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

March for Babies 2012

I'm doing it again everyone!  On Saturday April 28th, I will be joining friends in the 5k walk for the March of Dimes.  That means I'll be raising money once again for the cause.  As some of you may already know, this is a cause that is very close to me.  For one, I work in an OB/GYN office.  Helping women bring strong healthy babies into this world is our business.  We do everything we can to make sure both mom and baby have a safe pregnancy and that these babies get to "stay put" until they are full term.  However sometimes that doesn't always happen.  A couple years ago a very good friend had to have an emergency c-section at 28 weeks.  We were terrified when this little angel made her entrance into this world 12 weeks early and weighing in at just 1 lb 8oz.  Thankfully she was in good hands and thanks to a lot of prayer and the capable hands of those caring for her and a fighting spirit she grew stronger each day and eventually graduated from the NICU.  She is now a strong healthy toddler and truly a miracle.  So, as you can see being so close to a cause like this, I would like to help in any way I can.

This year, to help raise money, I will be donating ALL sales from my shop during the month of April to the March of Dimes.  For those of you who wish to buy from my shop during this time, I am including a thank you.  I will activate 2 coupon codes to use for the month of April.  For free shipping, use coupon code MARCHFORBABIES12.  Since not all my items have a shipping cost, I have included a coupon to use on those items.  For items that already have free shipping, use coupon code LOVEPREEMIES12 and get 20% off.  For those looking for the coupon with the best deal, the free shipping one is most definitely the way to go when ordering light switch and outlet covers.  As for the rest, the 20% off coupon may be better depending on the price of the item, so feel free to pick and choose if you are planning on purchasing something that has a shipping cost other than a light switch cover. You can use only one, so definitely choose the one that gets you the best deal.  :)  These coupons can also be used on custom orders as well.  This sale will begin April 1st and end April 28th which is the day of the walk.  If you would like to track my progress, donate, or see where the donations go once you purchase from my shop, check out my walk page on marchforbabies.org.  http://www.marchforbabies.org/personal_page.asp?pp=3833979&ct=4&w=5312034&u=WyldAngelzDesigns

This is the page where I will send the money from the orders from my shop throughout April.  Only 28 days until the walk!  I could use a little help!  Every little bit counts!  Thanks everyone!  Here are some pictures from last year.  Hopefully I can get some more good ones this year.